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Bon Iver – 22 / 10 (Single) (2016)

by | Aug 31, 2016

After 5 years of no new material from Bon Iver, a new album titled 22, A Million was announced. Just from first glance at the new track list, I was personally irked at the titles. Utilizing different symbols and alternating between upper and lowercase letters seems a bit showy. But I’m not here to review the Bon Iver track list titles (that’d be ridiculous); I’m here to review the new single that was released which contained two extended versions of new songs.

The first song on this single is an extended version of the opening track titled 22 (Over Soon). From the first second on, we are already introduced to a new Bon Iver. The track starts off with a loop of Justin Vernon singing, plus altered vocals repeating the line “it might be over soon”. But once Justin Vernon sings the first verse, we are brought back to a realm of familiarity. Vernon’s voice compliments over the electronic loops and the glossy guitar chords and notes. Great track, and very excited to hear how the studio version sounds.

The second song on this single is an extended version of the second track titled 10 Death Breast. This song starts off with a crunchy electronic loop, but Justin Vernon’s voice resonates perfectly with that loop. Justin Vernon seems to have taken notes from artist James Blake, and the albums Yeezus and Age of Adz, and he is doing a very good job with it. This new Bon Iver is very different from the last record and the one before it, but it still feels slightly familiar. It feels like a visit from an old friend. It might have been a long time and they might look different, but things still feel the same.